It all started when...

Tabassum Ali, the executive chef at Spice Village Grill, started his career in the restaurant industry in 2009. Prior to that he was always considered the premier foodie among his friends and family and would whip up meals for all major family events and holidays. His culinary skills were developed in his mother’s kitchen when he was only five years old and would help her cook for the family. He learned the art of traditional Pakistani cuisine from experienced cooks in Lahore, Pakistan, a city that is famous for its delicious food.


When he moved to the United States from Pakistan in the 1980's, Tabassum yearned for high quality Pakistani food.  Even as he traveled from coast to coast, he realized that the Pakistani food being offered in restaurants was never good enough. This is one of the primary reasons for his next venture- a meal delivery service directly from his Spice Village Grill kitchen to your home. Customers will now have the opportunity to receive traditional Pakistani food at their doorsteps via next day delivery.