Friday July 26, 2013 3:56 PM By Erica Marcus 

Spice Village Grill is one of Huntington’s most dependable restaurants. You walk into the little kebab-centric South Asian eatery, you sit down, you are served good, soulful, well-priced food. 

Last night a friend and I shared the lamb tikka kebab ($19) and the chicken seekh kebab (ground spiced chicken $16), both served with basmati rice and salad, both delicious. 

But the unquestioned highlight of the meal was the appetizer, a special called chokri chaat ($14). This proud structure hovered like a UFO on its sauce-strewn plate. According to the menu, it was composed of potatoes, chickpeas, yogurt and spiced chutneys, but I confess I could not discern the individual components. It was just crunchy and tender, spicy and savory and sweet, a truly memorable starter.